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Real Estate

Bullock’s Bid “N Buy conducts auctions on a wide variety of property for sale – from farms and ranches to premier residential homes.
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Collectible & Antique Auctions

Auctions are the most unique and valuable way of selling any type of personal property.  Some of the most popular auctions are those that involve collectibles and antiques.
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Estate & Farm

Our auctions are always open to the public and unreserved. We offer buyers the items that you want to sell as a part of your estate.
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Business Liquidation Auctions

Steps to close a business and the business liquidation sale process starts with our auctioneer specialists.
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Bullock’s Bid ‘N Buy with an experienced staff of professionals, handles all aspects of an “On–Site” auction from planning the preparation of the site, advertising, and marketing, preparing your goods for presentation, conducting the auction, site clean-up, and settlement. All you have to do is make the phone call and the auction process begins! Based upon your situation, we will determine if your items and possessions will be sold “On–Site” or if you need to take your items to a consignment



If you have a few valued treasures that you want to sell, we can help.  Approximately two times a month we have consignment auctions where you can sign a contract and take your goods to auction.  We have an Auction House where we can take your items and store them until we have accumulated enough treasures to have a quality Auction.   We place all of the antiques, collectibles and vintage items in our facility and present them to the public at auction. Once again, we take care of the advertising, preparation, auction, clean-up and settlement.


Due to the fact that certain items may have a limited market in this area and might have a higher value in other parts of the country or world, we can also sell select items on certain internet auction sites.  The auctioneers will determine which method of the auction would benefit you the most with these particular items.

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Our appraisal services are used to provide values for your personal property.  Through our personal experience as auctioneers we have the necessary background to properly identify and evaluate your property.  If you need to know the Fair Market Value, the Replacement Value/Insurance Value or the Liquidation Value of any of your goods, we would be able to assist you.

We offer competitive commission rates that are determined by the items that you are actually selling and how many items you are selling. It will cost you NOTHING to sell your House at Auction.  We require a “Buyers” premium when we sell the actual house which is at  NO COST TO YOU!