To view our current auctions:

To view our current online auctions:

Board Piece  Auction Process
1 Mediter. Avenue Determine need for auction
2 Community Chest
3 Baltic Ave. Moving, Death, Downsizing
4 Income Tax No tax for Estate Auction
5 Reading Railroad
6 Central Ave. Do Not Pack Items
7 Chance
8 Vermont Avenue Leave Contents “AS IS”
9 Conn. Ave. Call Darlene 724-372-1066 
10 Just Visiting Jail “OR”
11 St. Charles Place Call Now 724-372-1066
12 Electric Company Set Time to meet with us 
13 States Ave. Usually within 1 or 2 days
14 Virginia Ave Free Consulting for type of auction
15 Penn RR
16 St. James Place Free estimate on Rate of Auction
17 Comm Chest
18 Tenn Ave Sign Contract     
19 New York Ave. Set Date of Auction
20 Free Parking
21 Kentucky Ave. Set time of Auction
22 Chance
23 Indiana Ave. Take Pictures of Goods
24 Illinois Ave. Run Newspaper Ads 
25 B & G RR
26 Atlantic Ave. Website Ads
27 Venture Ave. Prepare Items on Estate
28 Water Works OR move items to Auction House
29 Marvin Gardens Auction Set - Up
30 GO TO JAIL Auction etiquette required
31 Pacific Ave. Auction
32 North Carolina Ave. Supply Food & Port A Potty
33 Comm. Chest
34 Penn. Ave. People Pay for Goods
35 Short Line RR
36 Chance
37 Park Place Clean - Up
38 Luxury Tax No tax Collected for Estate Auction
39 Boardwalk 7-10 days for Settlement
40 Go Collect settlement money